Metal Working, Manufacturing of Components, Mechanical Processing, Manufacturing of complete welding and assembly modules. Surface Treatment

Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC, based in Gräfenroda, was founded in 1991 by Mr Peter Schulz. Immediately after its foundation, the company began to invest in the latest technologies. Favoured by laser cutting technology, which had its technical breakthrough at the beginning of the 1990s, the clientele grew rapidly and also the company. Within a few years, a state-of-the-art sheet metal production facility was built on the former site of an old glass factory. Laser technology was followed by technologies such as bending and welding.

In 1997, Schulz Conveyor Systems took over part of Gothaer Vehicle Production Plant. This opened up a new line of business for the company – the automotive industry.

Today, Schulz Fördersysteme GmbH is a solid medium-sized company that adapts to the increasing and fluctuating market situations and requirements through flexible, broad-based manufacturing and processes. It specialises in the production of welding and assembly components, as well as laser and edging parts.

In order to continue the company’s success in the future in the usual manner, the following entrepreneurial goals are being pursued:

  • Expansion and consolidation of market position
  • Manufacturing at the highest technical level
  • Delivery of the best quality
  • Automation of Manufacturing
  • Increasing technical expertise to support customers with design issues and cost reduction
  • Increasing the vertical range of manufacture

1961 until today

Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC is a contract manufacturer in the field of sheet metal processing as well as a manufacturer of (gravity) roller conveyors and transport racks.

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2019 – 2023

In recent years, Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC has further developed its product range and expanded it to include transport racks. The introduction of new technologies such as laser welding and the creation of a specialised laser welding cabin are evidence of the company’s innovative strength.

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2007 – 2013

Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC – with 9 laser cutting systems and 103 employees – is now one of the largest metal working companies in Thuringia.

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2001 – 2006

Within ten years, the production hall was enlarged from 1600 to 7500 square metres. A partial connection was made to the former Fensterbau GmbH factory.

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1998 – 1999

Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC becomes a training company

In 1998 and 1999, Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC focussed on training and technological development. The introduction of an in-house training workshop and certification to DIN 9001 demonstrated the company’s commitment to quality and the development of skilled labour.

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Takeover and sale

Investment expansion due to the takeover of part of the production and employees of Gothaer Vehicle Production Plant LLC. , which had gone bankrupt.

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1991 – 1996

Foundation of plant 2: Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC

In the first year of its existence, the objective is realised with the production of cash register belts and laser/edge parts.

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Foundation of plant 2: Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC

In 1991 a branch office “Schulz Conveyor Systems” is founded by Mr Peter Schulz with 4 employees in the rented premises (total area approx. 400 m²) of the former metalworking shop of the Ilmawitt department of the Gräfenroda glassworks.

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Around the 1990s

In 1990, the number of enquiries to the parent company in Wülfrath increased. Large orders – such as the production of (initially) 1000 conveyor belts for shopping tills for Aldi – were received in Wülfrath.

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Mid-1965s to around the 1970s

Reformation and foundation of Schulz Conveyor Plants LLC  in Wülfrath

Over time, the competitive pressure for the metal rolls intensifies. The yield per metal roll falls from one mark to 35 pfennigs. A reorganisation is essential.
Schulz wants more, he wants to grow and so – in addition to the metal rolls – he also wants to produce entire roller and roller conveyors for the transport of piece goods.

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Beginning of the 1960s

From a “one-man business” to a “three-man business”

After working as a foreman at Trumpf Beschläge in Heiligenhaus (42579), Schulz, an industrial foreman in his mid-twenties, set up his own business in 1961.

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