Transport Racks

Transport Racks

From standard transport racks to flexible, customised universal Transport Racks. Schulz Conveyor Systems LLC also has the right solution for you.

Benefit from the advantages of our flexible Transport Racks:

  • Transport of parts of different sizes
  • weatherproof
  • stackable
  • less transport damage
  • stackable
  • No disposable packaging
  • no transport damage due to e.g. tension belts over the parts during transport
  • stable and precise design and manufacture

Purchase directly from the manufacturer!

Special Racks

Not found the right one? Then get in touch with us .... We will be happy to advise you. Racks with flexible dimensions, equipment and design solutions according to customer requirements.
  • Transport racks
  • Storage racks
  • Handling racks

Plug-in System

  • flexible part size thanks to up to 4 fixed pin spacings
  • Storage and Transportation of similar parts
  • weatherproof
    • max. load up to 1000 kg
    • Depth 1000 - 120 mm
    • empty weight: 135 kg
    • Height 1200 mm
    • Width 1000 - 1200 mm

    Pivot System

    • flexible part size thanks to stepless adjustable swivel arms
    • height-adjustable thanks to keyhole system
    • Storage and transportation of parts of completely different sizes
    • weatherproof, moving parts made of stainless steel
    • empty weight: 170 - 270 kg
    • Width 1000 - 1600 mm
    • max. load up to 1000 kg
    • height 1200 - 2300 mm
    • Depth 1000 - 1200 mm

    Manufacturing at the highest technical level

    Schulz conveyor systems LLC, based in Gräfenroda, was founded in 1991 by Mr Peter Schulz. Immediately after its foundation, the company began to invest in the latest technologies.